Share files with everybody
in a space.

No more searching for files that are hidden in emails, stuffed away in a Google Drive folder or buried in message threads.

Organize everything into one space and link any folder on Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Figma, Smartsheet, or Adobe Creative Cloud to Rock.

Integrates with

Add any Google Drive folder

Select the files icon Files mini-app and connect Rock to your Google account.

Select the folder you want to make available to a space to give everyone access to any files in the folder.

Collaborate with Dropbox

Stay productive by connecting your Dropbox folders where relevant.

Share unlimited files with team members, clients, freelancers, partners or volunteers.

Connect with One Drive

Access and share OneDrive files with anyone. No need to share links or go looking in folders.

Available for any space or project, so you can focus on what matters most.

Share designs with Figma

Connect your Figma projects to client spaces or design projects and seamlessly connect your artwork to your work discussions.

Because feedback and improvements are an ongoing process.

Get creative with Adobe

Add designs from Adobe Creative Cloud to the files mini-app.

The integration allows your team or clients to more easily access and provide feedback or improvements to work-related design materials.

How it works

Open any file

Easily open any file from the linked folder or copy the URL to a file to reference in a message, task or note.

Create files

Press the files icon button to create a Google document, spreadsheet, presentation or form and have this added to the linked folder.

Set Aside any file

Keep important files close at all times by setting them aside.

Add files to the panel for later revision, update or feedback and never forget about a project, design or document again.