Rock your
freelance projects

Organize, discuss, and work with all your
clients in one space.

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Available on Web, iOS and Android. Free forever.

Why Rock

Just one tool

 Don’t settle for email and messaging apps like WhatsApp and use Rock to manage all your projects.

Flexible & easy

 Rock is easy to use and flexible enough to support any type of project.

Free forever

 Stop paying for Trello, Asana and others. Rock comes with full-fledged messaging and project management for free.


Rock combines messaging, video/audio calls, tasks, notes and files. Works seamlessly with Google Drive and Zoom.

Create a space for different clients, assignments or projects.

Create a task for everything that needs to get done.

Quickly capture important information and share with a client.

Link a Google Drive folder to a space so everyone has access to important files.

Instantly start a video call or share your screen with everybody in the space for free. Works with Zoom.

Types of projects

Software development

Create a space to manage any web or mobile engineering project with a client. Easily discuss product requirements, create tasks and manage a project from start to finish.


Set up a space to manage design projects with a client. Share banners, emails and images for marketing campaigns or fully-blown website designs. Discuss feedback on designs and manage follow-ups with Rock.

Sales & marketing

Bring your client into a space specifically set up to help with their sales & marketing efforts. Invite other freelancers and agencies together into one space with shared files, tasks and notes.

Rock works for any project, big or small. More.


Create a space to get your copywriting projects organized. Use tasks to manage the project from beginning to the end and share files through the built-in Google Drive integration.

Other usecases