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Bring your entire company together with TEAMS

Manage your domain and keep costs under control


Manage different users within your domain and get an overview of all your spaces across your organization.

TEAMS has everything in PRO and more, so getting things done becomes easier than ever before.

Team management

Keep your costs under control

Unlike other products – you don’t need to pay for all users on your domain. Add an unlimited number of free members to a space and only pay for Managers.

Each Manager can upgrade up to 10 spaces to PRO and you can still create an unlimited number of free spaces.

Claim your domain

Manage your domain and all domain users centrally by claiming your domain.

Get an overview of all registered users and easily suspend, remove, or change their management permissions.

Upgrade, suspend, and remove

People come and go so with TEAMS you can easily suspend and remove accounts when needed.

You can also upgrade Managers to Domain Admin to give them the ability to manage member permissions.

Manage your PRO spaces

Manage all PRO spaces from one central dashboard.

Each Manager can manage all the spaces they have upgraded to PRO.

PRO Spaces

What is a PRO space?

When you upgrade a space to PRO this space gets the following features: recurring tasks, custom task fields, webhooks and bots (Zapier/Github/others), larger file uploads (up to 50MB), and the ability to duplicate spaces.

Any group or 1:1 space can be upgraded to PRO.

Anyone can join for free

If you have one user who is PRO they can create up to 10 PRO spaces.

Anyone can join these PRO spaces even if they’re on the FREE plan. Whether you work with your team, freelancers, partners or volunteers, Rock makes it easier and cheaper to get work done.

Task features

Recurring tasks

Manage daily check-ins, weekly reports, or any other repeating activity with recurring tasks.

After completing a task it automatically gets set up again based on your chosen time interval.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields for tasks that match up with how you do work.

Add short text, number or dropdown fields to your tasks. You can also simplify tasks by moving fields or removing the fields you do not use.


Sprints are great when work is completed with a specific cadence (e.g. every 2 weeks).

Move backlog items into monthly sprints, or combine tasks needed to reach each milestone in dedicated sprints. Filter by Sprint so you can focus on what is urgent.


iCal Integration

Add Rock to your Google Calendar, Outlook, or any calendar with iCal support.

Visualize task due dates alongside meetings and other important information on your calendar.

Integrate with Zapier

Connect work between your different apps and Rock with Zapier.

Automate the creation of tasks, notes, or messages and remove repetitive tasks from your workflow.

Custom Webhooks

Pull information from other applications into Rock messages, tasks or notes with custom webhooks.

Automate the creation of feature rich tasks with assignees, followers, labels and more!

Automate with Github

Improve communications for your engineering projects with automated updates.

Receive messages for pull requests, commit actions, CI runs and more!

Other integrations

Integrate with Rollbar, Sentry and other applications, with more options coming soon!

and more

Upload larger files

All spaces in Rock have unlimited file uploads but in a free spaces files have a maximum upload size of 10MB.

PRO spaces allow you to upload files up to 50MB. Larger files can easily be shared through the Files mini-app.

Account Features

Duplicate Spaces

Move all tasks and notes from any group space to a new space.

Create your own personal templates to make it easier to set up recurring projects for clients, partners, or volunteers.

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