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This month's release brings tons of goodies from emojis everywhere to multiple account support, a faster mobile experience, and advanced task features with the Pro and Teams plans.

Emojis for spaces, messages, and comments 😎

We might have gone a bit emoji crazy, but you can now pick and choose from hundreds of emojis all across Rock.

1️⃣ Emoji space avatars

Instead of being limited to a few space avatars you can now pick from a long list of emojis to find just the right one for your group space.

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2️⃣ More emoji message reactions

You can now also pick from the same emoji library when you want to react to a message because sometimes ❤️ or 👍 just doesn’t cut it.

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3️⃣ Emoji reactions on comments

We’ve also added the ability to add an emoji reaction to a task and note comments, making it easier to let people know that you’ve seen a comment and also to let them know what you think about it with an emoji.

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Multiple accounts in Rock 🦸‍♂️

Have multiple Rock accounts? Fear no more! With account switching you can toggle between different accounts without having to log in and out every time. It is as easy as accessing your settings and selecting “Switch Profile” to switch between your different Rock accounts.

By the way, if you signed up with your personal Gmail and now want to switch to your corporate email account you can do that as well in Settings.

Longer Audio Messages 📣

You can now record audio messages without limits. Record everything in a single message instead of having to deal with 1 minute limits for each audio message.

Export tasks 🥡

Export tasks from every space into a JSON or XML file so you always have a backup. If you’re on the Pro or Teams plan you can also export your tasks in a CSV and open this into Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel or other applications.

Space Search 🔍 [Mobile only]

Find what you’re looking for with the new space search option! Search for messages, tasks, notes or attachments within any space by tapping on the search icon available in the top right corner of every space. You can narrow down your search to the type of information you are looking for from members to tasks, labels, and a bunch of different parameters!

(Note: Space Search on Web and Desktop coming soon).

Notification dot on mobile 🔴

We’re making it easier to see if you’ve received a notification on Rock. On both iOS and Android you will now get a red dot on the app icon when you receive a notification on Rock.

Custom Fields [PRO Feature] - Early Access

Customize the Tasks mini-app to suit your workflow by adding custom fields to every task. Add new fields that can be dropdown menus, numerical values, and short descriptions so each task can now include everything from story points to item quantities.

Custom fields are in early access for the PRO and Teams plans -- if you’d like to try them out, please fill out this form and someone from the team can reach out to you.

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Recurring tasks [PRO Feature] 🔄

Daily check-ins, weekly reports or monthly invoices? Now you don’t need to remind yourself to create another task for these activities as recurring tasks automatically get recreated.

Recurring tasks are in early access for the PRO and Teams plans, if you’d like to try them out, please fill out this form, so someone from the team can reach out to you.

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Here’s how it works:
1) Set a due date to a task
2) Select the recurring tasks icon 🔄
3) Choose how often you want the task to repeat:
  a) Daily
  b) Weekly
  c) Monthly
4) Decide on the interval (daily: exclude weekends | weekly: choose which day(s) | Monthly: choose day of the month)
5) Add to the column where you want the task to appear
6) Add your recurring task

Team Management [TEAMS Feature] - Early Access

Claim your domain within Rock, add admins and manage members more conveniently by signing up for the early access Teams plan. Curious? Please fill out this form and someone from the team will reach out to you!

All Hands Space for corporate domains 🙋‍♂️

Having a difficult time to find your colleagues on Rock? With the new all hands space, all your colleagues can now easily be found in your domain’s all hands space, making it easier to connect with them once they are on Rock.


Rock for 🍏 Mac, 💻 Windows, and 🐧 Linux

Rock your desktop! We now have a shiny new app for 🍏 Mac, 💻 Windows and 🐧 Linux, so move Rock out of your browser and onto your desktop. Download it today to keep Rock just a window away: rock.so/download.


Set Aside
With the Set Aside feature you can create a list of items you need to work on when you have time. Add any task, note or message to your Set Aside items by selecting the Set Aside icon which automatically adds them to the Set Aside panel.

Polls 📊
Get everyone’s opinion by creating a poll in a space. Add multiple options, allow people to vote anonymously, and quickly share this with everybody in a space. Use polls for anything from deciding on marketing taglines to figuring out what to do for next week’s happy hour.

Improved task filters 🌪️
In the Tasks mini-app you can now filter by assignee status so you can easily see which tasks are In Progress, Blocked or Completed. Combined with labels, assignees, task lists, and more you can now more easily see what’s going on with all your tasks.

Activity log and more visual tasks and notes mentions
We’ve added an Activity log to a space so you can easily see the list of tasks, notes, comments without these cluttering the main space. Instead of showing just a link when a task or note gets referenced -- tasks and notes now display the full title so it’s easier to see relevant information.

External Spaces 🌐
External spaces are now highlighted in Rock. These are spaces that include people that are not part of your organization. This quickly allows you to see which spaces have users outside your team so you can quickly determine what’s relevant to share and consider in each space. You can turn the external spaces badge on and off in your Account Settings.

Mobile updates 📱
Set Aside, polls, activity log, rich tasks and notes mentions, improved notifications, audio messages, and a ton more are now also available in the latest iOS and Android apps. On mobile we now also have Dark Mode which can be switched on/off through the side panel.


Works with Zoom 👩‍💻
Connect your Zoom account to Rock and have your meetings a click away in every space. Easily set up a Zoom meeting when you need to discuss something quickly or set up a screen share to walk someone through the latest design mocks.

Asynchronous Audio Messages 📣
Sometimes its just easier to say what you mean. With audio messages in Rock you can now send a quick audio message when you're on your phone or on your computer.

Duplicate tasks 👯‍♂️
Save precious time by duplicating tasks when needed. Keep labels and task descriptions while moving the duplicated task to any space and list. Copy a task from one space to another so you don’t need to recreate tasks across multiple projects.  See how this works.

Space folders 📂
If you have lots of Rock spaces you can now organize them into folders, so you can keep your space list tidy 🧼. Create a folder for 1:1s, Marketing, or Product, and easily switch between different workstreams.

Guests in spaces 👀
Want to invite someone to a space but don’t want them to change tasks, notes or files? The new guest role limits ⛔️ the actions of users in your different spaces. This can be useful for spaces where you use Rock as an information board or for community purposes.


Now on iOS and Android
Mobile apps are now available in the App Store and on Google Play so you can pretty much use Rock from anywhere. Leave us a 5-star review if you like what you’re seeing 😀.  See how this works

Drive integration 🚘
Add any Google Drive folder to a space so everybody has access to every relevant file. No more digging through emails & messages to find that one file that got away.

Tasks mini-app improvements ⏩
The ☑️ Tasks mini-app is now a lot faster, the Board View handles better, and labels now make it easier to get everything organized.

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