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The ClickUp Alternative That Simplifies Your Work

Customizable but simple to use. Rock combines messages with tasks, notes files and meetings.

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Join thousands of teams in 170+ countries using Rock today!

Rock has been designed in a very intuitive manner and all the things for task management to note taking are brilliantly integrated.

Devanshu V.

Why Rock?

All-in-one messaging with so much more.


Simple, intuitive functionality

Tasks + Messaging & your favorite apps

Communicate with more than just tasks. Rock combines messaging with tasks, notes and popular cloud storage and videoconferencing platforms.

Manage projects with spaces

Create new projects with anyone in- and outside of your team. Use messages, tasks, notes, files and meetings in every space for free.


Do more for free

Unlimited spaces for free

Rock offers unlimited spaces that have their own project management functionality. Merge Rock with any and all your workflows at no extra cost

Unlimited guests and members across spaces

Add anyone your your spaces in Rock. Invite anyone in- or outside of your organization as guests, members or admins and get started within seconds.

Free cloud storage integrations

Integrate popular cloud storage and videoconferencing tools for free to Rock. Start meetings and attach cloud files to tasks, notes and topics.


Better task management

All your to-do’s in a single panel

View tasks across all spaces in one view. Manage different teams, workflows or projects without switching between spaces with My Tasks.

Why use Rock instead of ClickUp

With messaging and tasks in the same space, work becomes more streamlined and organized.

Kanban boards

Calendar view


Task comments


Unlimited free spaces

Free reminders

Unlimited members

Unlimited guests

Attach cloud files to tasks

All-in-one messaging

Audio messages

Notes mini-app

Comments in notes

Tap to Organize messages into tasks


Free cloud storage integrations

Unlimited file uploads

Free Meeting integrations

Maximize your productivity

All-in-one messaging with so much more.

Pick and choose how to communicate with your team. Send a message or create a new task, note or topic.

Switch between list, board and calendar view in every space. View deadlines and seamlessly track any kind of project.

Attach folders and files from your favorite cloud file apps to any task on Rock for free.

Convert your messages into new tasks, notes or topics. You can also move messages from the chat over to comments.

Use @mention in messages or comments to refer to tasks, notes, topics or files in the space or across projects.

Add folders from Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, Smartsheet, Figma, Notion and many more to your space.

Tap to Organize allows you to move messages from chat into tasks, notes or topics within seconds.

Document information and reduce the noise in the Chat with Topics.

Use tasks, notes and topics by default to reduce the noise across spaces. Made to maximize deep work and productivity

My Tasks gives you an overview of tasks across your different spaces. Filter by assigned to, created or following.

Board list and calendar view to give you the flexibility to tackle any kind of project.

Rock fits right into your toolstack with integrations to cloud storage, design, and videoconferencing applications.

Do more for less

With messaging and tasks in the same space, work becomes more streamlined and organized.

All-in-one Messaging
Unlimited Guests
Unlimited spaces
For unlimited users & guests. Get started today.
For 10 users
Cloud Integrations
For 10 users
Cloud Integrations
Unlimited Users
For unlimited users & guests. Get started today.

Ready to switch? Import in 3 steps

All your group workspaces, messages and other communications from Slack moved into Rock within seconds.

Step 1

Export individual boards you want to migrate into Rock.

Step 2

Upload the file to Rock using the Import menu in Profile > Import. Make sure to select the correct space!

Step 3

Ready! All tasks are now available within Rock. Switch to list and calendar view, even if you’re on the free plan!

Questions & answers

Is there anything better than ClickUp

Rock is better than ClickUp if you’re looking for something better than ClickUp. Messaging + tasks and all your favorite apps allows you to collaborate in a more straightforward and intuitive way.

Can my clients use Rock when I switch from ClickUp?

Invite anyone from in- and outside of your organization to Rock. This includes clients. You can invite them as guests if you don’t want them to edit and/or create new tasks, notes or topics in your different spaces.

Can I really collaborate with unlimited people for free on Rock?

Yes, Rock is a ClickUp alternative that allows collaborate with unlimited people both in- and outside of your team for free. Create as many spaces as you want and invite your team, clients or freelancers to work with you.

How is Rock a ClickUp alternative for remote teams?

Rock combines messaging with tasks so you can switch between asynchronous and synchronous communication. By keeping all communications in one place, it’s easier to document, collaborate and stay productive while working remotely.

Is importing to Rock from ClickUp free?

Yes, you can import as many ClickUp workspaces as you want onto Rock for free. Take all your tasks with you while switching platforms and invite your team to pick up work where you left off somewhere else.

Is Rock a secure alternative to ClickUp?

We encrypt all communication between client software and our servers (“in transit”) with industry-standard TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3 security protocols. The communication between our servers and other external systems is also TLSv1.3-encrypted.

Who is Rock made for?

Mini-apps highlight different ways of communicating with your team on Rock. You can currently pick between Tasks, Notes, Files, Meetings, Topics or the Chat mini-app depending on the urgency and importance of your update.

Is Rock reliable and secure?

Communication between client software and our servers (“in transit”) is encrypted with industry-standard TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3 security protocols. Communication between other external systems and our servers is also TLSv1.3-encrypted.

What makes Rock better than other tools?

Rock makes it easy to start collaborating with anyone in- and outside of your team. Once you create a new space you have full project management and communication functionality without limits. All for free.

How does pricing work for Rock?

The FREE version includes basic functionality in all mini-apps, unlimited invites, and as many spaces as you want. For advanced features or large team management functionality you can switch to the PRO or TEAMS plan.