Stop slacking,
Start rocking.

Organize, discuss and get things done together.

the new way of work
See how Rock works Available on Web, iOS and Android. Free forever.

With separate apps for everything,
nothing really works together.

All of this leads to more distractions, too many apps you need to check,
and makes getting work done too complicated.

A more productive way of working

Create a Rock space
for any team project

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Each space comes with its own tasks, notes, and files mini-apps
so you can send a message, create a task or just give a 👍.

Keep your projects moving
with tasks in every space

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Create a task, add assignees and switch
between list and board views.

Work with anyone inside and
outside your organization

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If you work with freelancers, agencies, or other external partners
you can add them to the same space as everybody else.

Do more for free

Instead of paying for tools like Slack and Trello -- switch to Rock
and get unlimited messaging, tasks and more for free.

Use cases


Organize, discuss, and run anything from product development to recruiting on Rock.


Run your entire startup on Rock.

Run pretty much anything on Rock:

team icon Product development
team icon School projects
team icon Website development
team icon 1:1's with your team
team icon Key sales accounts

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Stop slacking,
start rocking

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