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Full-fledged messaging
in every space.

Discuss anything with team members, clients, freelancers, and others in one space.

Send as many messages as you want, search through all your conversations, and easily reference tasks, notes, and more. All in one conversation.

How it works

Unlimited messages

Send unlimited messages and create unlimited 1:1 and group spaces for free.

Discuss in threads for longer conversations, reply to messages, and keep your conversations organized by space.

Mention anything

No more endless link sharing as you can easily reference a task, notes, or file.

Mention any task, note, file, or person by using @ and Rock automatically pulls in the right context.

Audio Messages

Sometimes it’s just easier to say what you mean.

With audio messages in Rock you can send a quick audio message when you’re on your phone or on your computer.


Get everyone’s opinion by creating a poll.

Use polls for anything from deciding on marketing taglines to figuring out what to do for next week’s happy hour.


Leave reactions on messages to give a quick 👍 or show your ♥️.

Express yourself however you want as Rock supports over 200+ different emojis.

Works across organizations

If you have projects with other companies, agencies, or freelancers, you can add them to the same space to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Each space in Rock supports up to 500 members. All for free.

Set Aside Messages

With Set Aside, you can create a list of items you need to work on when you have time.

Set Aside any task, note, or message and get to it when you want to get to it.

Tap to Organize

Make your discussions more actionable by easily adding them to relevant tasks or notes.

Move messages to tasks, notes or comments by double tapping them on web or mobile.

Space Search

Search for any task, note, file or message with advanced search functionality in every space.

Rock searches through all your messages. Not just the most recent 10,000.

Topics mini-app

Organize your conversations

Create new topics to follow and document important sub-conversations.

Less notifications and better documentation, always at hand.

Follow-up & Documentation

Move messages over to reduce the noise in your space.

Organize existing threads into topics with Tap to Organize

Take your messages anywhere

Receive updates for pull requests, changes or anything else through a direct integration with Github.

Supercharge any engineering project and stay up-to-date between developers without having to leave Rock.

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