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Access any file
from Google Drive.

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No more searching for files that are hidden in emails, stuffed away in a Google Drive folder or buried in message threads.

Organize everything into one space and link any drive icon Google Drive folder so everyone has access to the most important files.

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How it works

add folder

Add any Google Drive folder

Select the files icon Files mini-app and connect Rock to your Google account.

Select the folder you want to make available to a space to give everyone access to any files in the folder.


Open any file

Easily files icon open any file from the linked folder or files icon copy the URL to a file to reference in a message, task or note.

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 create files

Create files

Press the files icon button to create a Google document, spreadsheet, presentation or form and have this added to the linked folder.

And more on the way...

Other cloud services

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Integrations with Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and other cloud storage providers.

Mention cloud files

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Easily mention any file in the same way you can @ mention a person, task, or note.