Rock your marketing
& growth activities

Bring your agencies, freelancers and co-workers together in one space.

Available on Web, iOS and Android. Free forever.

Why Rock

Just one tool

Collaborate and discuss in one place. Work with messages, tasks, notes, files and meetings.


Invite clients, freelancers and partners to your Rock spaces and collaborate without limits.

Great value

Loads of features for free so your team can focus on getting work done and staying productive.

All-in-one Functionality

Pick and chose how to communicate with

everyone in your space. 

Create unlimited spaces to collaborate with your team, clients or freelancers. All-in-one spaces made for productive teams.

Send unlimited messages between your team, clients and freelancers. Full-fledged functionality with threads, polls, audio messages, reactions and more.

Feature rich tasks with deadlines, assignees and labels. Continue the discussion with a comment section in every task.

Project information, meeting minutes and other important details stored in the Notes mini-app. Discuss with comments and attach files to any note.

Popular file cloud storage providers accessible in every space. Keep important documents and design files accessible and easy to discuss.

Move discussions to dedicated topics and reduce the noise across spaces. More productive, better organized, and easily accessible.

Start meetings in any space when really needed. Get together on Zoom, Google Meet or Jitsi, all for free.

Use cases

Marketing campaigns

Create a campaign space and keep all your marketing briefs, assets, tasks and conversations together.

Work in one space with your creative agency, freelancers and everyone else on your team.

Website Development

Run the entire website development process in one space.

Share and discuss anything from wireframes to staged website and bring the entire team along.

Content Calendar

Never miss a release, announcement, or other important dates with the Calendar View in the Tasks mini-app.

Organize with start and due dates and collaborate across teams to get content to the finish line.

Growth Activities

Create one space to track all your growth activities and experiments.

Add performance agencies, growth specialists and your internal team to discuss and get work done without switching apps.

Content Writing

No more endless link sharing or searching for files with seamless integrations in the Files mini-app.

Access and provide feedback on new content with everything stored in one space.

Event Planning

Run successful events from venue to keynote.

Get your event agencies, coordinators, marketing managers and speakers all on the same page.

Step by step

Create a space

Create a space for a marketing campaign, brand project, or the new website.

Invite freelancers, clients or partners to join the conversation alongside your team.

Start creating tasks

Open the Tasks mini-app and create your first task. Use the description field to link to a brief, add different assignees, and a checklist if needed.

Use comments to discuss things in more detail.

Share files

Connect to Google Drive, Figma, Adobe Creative Cloud and other popular tools to access and share designs, creative briefs, and other important documents.

Discuss Creative & Content

Attach creative mocks or content drafts to tasks for easy access and better documentation.

Keep discussions in the comments section and important cloud files close at all times.

Meet and follow-up

Quickly start a Zoom, Google Meet or Jitsi meeting when tasks or messages aren’t cutting it.

Available in every space, for when you really need it.

Join thousands of teams

Create an account for free and get started with a new way of working. More productive, connected and organized.


My clients are LOVING Rock. Onboarding and project management has become a breeze with Rock’s simple but all-in-one features.

Would definitely recommend if clients are actively involved throughout your projects!

Martha P.

Head of Content

Working with freelancers has become much easier thanks to Rock.

Unlimited spaces and everything in one place allows us to keep track of all work without having to switch between several tools.

Marc T.

Marketing Manager

It has been so easy to involve the whole team with Rock.

People across the team are feeling much more connected now that there is more visibility on who is working on what.

Jeroen Van N.


Questions & Answers

Yes, Rock has loads of free functionality you can use to get work done. Invite as many people as you want, create unlimited spaces and send all the messages, tasks, notes and files you want for free.

Rock is a good fit for Marketing teams because it allows them to invite anyone to their different spaces and collaborate with unlimited messages, tasks, notes and more in one place. By doing internal and external work on the same app, a lot of time can be saved.

Creative agencies use Rock to communicate with clients, freelancers and their team. Reviewing and project management becomes easier for them through file integrations with Adobe Creative Cloud, Figma, and popular file storage providers that also connect to tasks and notes.

Everyone is welcome to join your different spaces, and you can choose whether you want them as guest, member or admin depending on their permissions in the space. Everyone you invite to join a group or 1:1 space can access work and collaborate directly with you.

You can invite clients by phone number or email to join any space on Rock. User experience is not mimized for clients, which makes Rock a great place to combine communication and project management on activities that require involvement of multiple parties.

For creative activities you can connect with Figma or Adobe Creative Cloud. You can also connect cloud files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Smartsheet and OneDrive for free. If you often have meetings you can also connect your account to Zoom, Google Meet or Jitsi.

Rock currently supports importing tasks from Asana, Jira, ClickUp and Trello to any space. Complete workspaces can be imported within minutes so teams, and most task documentation and information is carried over.

Rock provides simple, all-in-one functionality to collaborate with anyone. This means that marketing and creative teams can invite anyone to join their space to collaborate and discuss instead of several platforms. Broad functionality also makes the app adaptable to a lot of use cases.

Asynchronous work helps marketing teams by allowing them to get work done without waiting for someone else to finish. Teams become more productive as work is documented and clearly organized across tasks, messages, notes and files in the same workspace.

You can switch to the PRO or TEAMS plan if you need added functionality such as automations, sprints, advanced domain management features and more. Check out the pricing page for more information on our paid plans.