Do more, pay less

Simple, all-in-one pricing for your team


Unlimited Members

per month

Unlimited Spaces
Messages, tasks, notes, files

One Manager +
Unlimited Members

per month

Unlimited Free Spaces +
20 PRO Spaces
Limited time only! 10 bonus spaces
Advanced features & integrations

Number of Managers

per month

Unlimited Free Spaces +
100 PRO Spaces/domain
Centralized domain and team management
Talk to sales for custom pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

A free space is a 1:1 or group space that allows you to add unlimited members and send unlimited messages, tasks, notes, and files. You can also integrate a variety of cloud storage providers and videoconferencing tools with every space for free. Every account on Rock can create and join unlimited FREE spaces.

 A space can be upgraded to PRO when you are on a paid plan. In addition to everything in FREE, you also get advanced task functionality, automated integrations and bots, webhooks, and access to the Rock API so you can build your own custom integration. You can invite anyone to join your PRO spaces and everyone in the space can make use of the added features for free.

 You can invite anyone both in- and outside of your organization to join a PRO space for free. They will have access to all the advanced PRO features.

 A manager is an upgraded user that can change spaces to PRO under the TEAMS plan. Any user in your domain can be easily up- or downgraded to manager when you are on the TEAMS plan.

 Anyone can be added to your PRO spaces under the PRO plan. If you require more PRO spaces you can always add them to your plan. Under TEAMS, new members won’t affect your billing as long as the number of managers in your team remains the same. You can easily switch managers and switch to a plan with more managers if needed.

We accept all major credit card providers through Stripe. An invoice is automatically sent to you once you complete your purchase.

Please reach out to sales, book time with a product specialist or leave a message in the Rock Customer Support Space if you would like to discuss an enterprise plan with the team.

We do! We will happily support you in your mission to learn more, educate others or improve the world. Please reach out to us for the requirements for this program.

 You can cancel your paid plan through your account settings.

We do not provide refunds. You can however cancel your subscription at any point and it will remain active until the end of your billing period. Advanced features in PRO spaces are frozen when the plan is no longer active. They will be visible but you will not be able to use these features moving forward.

Unlimited projects with FREE

Bring order to chaos with a space on Rock

On Rock you can create a space for a project, your team, or pretty much anything you want.

A space bring together messaging, tasks, notes, files, and all your favorite apps so you can simplify work and get more done with your team.

Invite anyone to a space

Whether you work with your team, freelancers, partners, clients, volunteers or students – everyone is welcome to join your spaces on Rock for free.

Unlimited and free

With unlimited messaging, topics, tasks, notes, files, and integrations with all your favorite apps you can get so much more done on Rock for free.

Supercharge projects with

Upgrade your spaces to PRO

Every PRO plan comes with 10 PRO spaces and anyone can join your PRO spaces.

With Rock you don’t need to pay per user, so go ahead and add as many people for free as you want.

More PROductive

Uplevel your projects and take tasks to the next level with advanced PRO features.

With sprints, recurring tasks, and custom fields it’s so much easier to get work done.

Connect, customize, and automate with bots

Automate your workflow with thousands of other apps through Zapier. Rock also offers custom integrations for iCal, Github, Rollbar and Sentry.

You can also build your own bots with the Rock API.

Rock your entire company with

Manage your domain

Get an overview of everyone on Rock and manage them centrally from the Rock dashboard. Assign manager or domain admin privileges to members, so they can manage your domain and your spaces.

Manage your spaces

Give your people more control over how they work on Rock. Each manager can easily upgrade up to 20 spaces to PRO, while domain admins can manage members across your corporate domain.

Manage your team

With TEAMS it’s a lot easier to manage everyone on your domain from one place. Each domain admin can suspend inactive accounts or remove accounts from Rock.