Organize, discuss and
get things done.

Organize everything into different spaces.

Create a space for 1:1s, group conversations or projects.

Add anyone, inside or outside your organization, to a space so they can participate in a conversation, work on tasks, read notes and access any file they need.

Run pretty much anything on Rock:


Discuss synchronously and asynchronously

Decide if you need to send a message, create a task, or just say “hello” with an audio message.

Rock combines different ways of communicating so you can switch to a more organized and structured way of working.

Mention anything

@mention any task, note or file across Rock. Easily share relevant details in any conversation so people know exactly what you’re talking about.


Add comments to tasks and notes so you can better organize your discussions. Comments get saved so you can always go back to see what was discussed.

Set Aside notes

Add notes to your Set Aside panel to keep them within reach at all times.

The Set Aside panel comes in handy for reminding yourself of notes you want to follow up on, or just to keep important information at hand.

Works on mobile

Bring all your notes with you and quickly create, read or comment on any note while you’re on the go.

Tasks mini-app

Full-fledged tasks

Manage any project using the Tasks mini-app. Get the view you need with List and Board Views or edit & comment on specific tasks in Rock.

Keep it simple or use more advanced feature like multiple assignees, checklists and label to manage even the most complicated projects.

Multiple assignees

Add assignees to a task so it’s clear who is working on a task, who is blocked and who has done their part.

Add a checklist to track the different bits of work that need to happen as part of a bigger task.


Create your own labels and add these to a task to make it easier to filter, find and organize tasks.

From “front-end bug” to “customer success” customize Rock to match your workflow.

My Tasks

Quickly see important tasks in the My Tasks overview which pulls together all your tasks from across all your spaces.

Sort by due date, space, label or priority and figure out what needs to happen next.


Access relevant files

Link Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Figma or Adobe to any Rock space and make it easier to access relevant files.

No more searching for files that are hidden in emails, folders or message threads. Read more.

Set up a meeting

Start a meeting in Rock with Zoom, Google Meet, or Jitsi and make it easy for everyone to jump on a quick video call.

Refer to relevant tasks, capture meeting notes and follow up on action items all from the same space. Read more.

Automate your workflows

Connect your favorite tools and make your work flow with bots & integrations on PRO.

Create custom webhooks or connect Rock to apps such as Zapier, Github, Rollbar or Sentry.

Other mini-apps & features

Quick & easy notes

From meeting minutes to important project information, anything can be added as a note to a space

Use the rich text editor to format a note the way you want and add comments to any note to discuss it in more detail.