Capture anything noteworthy
with the Notes mini-app.

From meeting minutes to important project information, anything can be added as a note to a space.

Use the rich text editor to format a note the way you want and add comments to any note to discuss it in more detail.

How it works

Create a note

Turn any message into a note by right-clicking on a message or create a note as easily as you can send a message.

With notes available in a space you can make sure everything important is captured and shared with everybody in a space.

Mention any note

In the same way you can @mention a person, you can also @mention any note in Rock (e.g @note:1)

Quickly see the note title by hovering over a mention or click on the mention to open the note.

My Notes

Quickly see notes you have created, or that you follow across all your space in the My Notes overview.

Set Aside notes

Add notes to your Set Aside panel to keep them within reach at all times.

The Set Aside panel comes in handy for reminding yourself of notes you want to follow up on, or just to keep important information at hand.

Works on mobile

Bring all your notes with you and quickly create, read or comment on any note while you’re on the go.