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Organize, discuss and get things done.

Messaging plus tasks and all your favorite apps. Rock is the fastest way to start working with anyone.


Organize everything into different spaces.

Create a space for 1:1s, group conversations or projects.

Add anyone, inside or outside your organization, to a space so they can participate in a conversation, work on tasks, read notes and access any file they need.

Section of Spaces in Rock.

Unrivalled messaging

Messaging plus tasks and all your favorite apps. Rock is the fastest way to start working with anyone.

Discuss synchronously & asynchronously

Decide if you need to send a message, create a task, or just say "hello" with an audio message.

Rock combines different ways of communicating so you can switch to a more organized and structured way of working.

Mention anything

@ mention any task, note or file across Rock. Easily share relevant details so people know exactly what you’re talking about.

Replies, reactions & threads

Threads and replies allow you to keep up with the conversation.

Choose from hundreds of different reactions on each message. Because a picture says more than a thousand words.


Use topics to reduce the noice in your different spaces. Add those involved in the conversation and seamlessly keep up with the latest updates.

Discussions are also more documented when not lost in the chat history.

Tasks done right

Full-fledged task management functionality in every space. Collaborate and seamlessly bring projects to the finish line

Full-fledged tasks

Manage any project using the Tasks mini-app. Get the view you need with List, Board Views and calendar view.

Keep it simple or use more advanced features like multiple assignees, checklists and labels to manage even the most complicated projects.

Assignees, statuses and lists

Keep track on who is working on what with multiple assignees on a task.

Pick and choose how to track progress with individual status updates or list updates.


Add comments to tasks and notes so you can better organize your discussions. Comments get saved so you can always go back to see what was discussed.

Attach everything

No more folder searching or link sharing to get started with work.

Attach local files to a task or connect popular cloud storage providers such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Figma.

What makes Rock different?

Some of the unique Rock features we’re really proud of.

Asycnchronous by default

Switch to a more asynchronous way of working by using tasks, topics, and comments, and get more deep work time to get things done.

My tasks

Keep track of work across your different spaces with a high level overview of tasks you are assigned to, have created, or are following.

Set aside

Go through your messages, tasks, and mentions and decide what to work on now versus later with Set Aside.

My tasks

Go through your messages, tasks, and mentions and decide what to work on now versus later with Set Aside.

Works with all your favorite apps

Bring all your favorite apps together in one place

Connect all your cloud files

Import from Slack, Trello, Asana, ClickUp, JIRA.

Instantly start a meeting or record a Loom

Share your design files

Integrate all your engineering tools

Connect with 1000+
tools with Zapier

Use API for custom workflows

Questions & answers

What is all-in-one messaging?

Messaging and project management are often disconnected. Rock offers full-fledged messaging alongside project management functionality that includes tasks, notes, files, topics and meetings.

Why should I work with clients on Rock?

Messaging or email channels make it hard to align and collaborate with others, especially clients. keep communication with clients on Rock to improve response time, document information and collaborate with fewer platforms.

How is Rock made for remote teams?

Rock combines all communication channels of remote environments in one place. This way you can keep all information and conversations organized and highly documented.

Is Rock simple to use?

Your spaces can be as simple or complex as your team requires them to be. Rock offers basic functionality across mini-apps that is straightforward and simple to learn. Advanced features are available for teams that need more complexity, but is not required to get started.

What does asynchronous by default mean?

Tasks, notes, files and topic reduce the notification overload many might experience in messaging or meeting-first applications. Rock nudges teams to work more asynchronously by more frequently using tasks, notes, topics and files.

What kind of teams use Rock?

Teams of different sizes use Rock for a wide variety of different projects. A wide offering of features makes it easy for marketing, engineering, HR and customer success teams alike to collaborate on the same platform.

What is a mini-app?

Mini-apps highlight different ways of communicating with your team on Rock. You can currently pick between Tasks, Notes, Files, Meetings, Topics or the Chat mini-app depending on the urgency and importance of your update.

Is Rock reliable and secure?

Communication between client software and our servers (“in transit”) is encrypted with industry-standard TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3 security protocols. Communication between other external systems and our servers is also TLSv1.3-encrypted.

What makes Rock better than other tools?

Rock makes it easy to start collaborating with anyone in- and outside of your team. Once you create a new space you have full project management and communication functionality without limits. All for free.

How does pricing work for Rock?

The FREE version includes basic functionality in all mini-apps, unlimited invites, and as many spaces as you want. For advanced features or large team management functionality you can switch to the PRO or TEAMS plan.