Works with Zoom

 Instantly start a Zoom meeting with everybody
in a space.

Available on Web, iOS and Android. Free forever.

Step by step

Start a Zoom meeting

Step 1

Press the Start meeting button to start a Zoom meeting for everyone in the space.

Sign into Zoom

Step 2

Sign in to Zoom or create a new Zoom account if you do not have one yet.

Once you have signed in, you can easily start new meetings in the future.

Select your meeting preferences

Step 3

Add a meeting title and select the most important options for the meeting you want to set up.

Let everybody know the meeting started

Step 4

Once the Zoom meeting is created you can quickly copy the URL and share the invite to everyone in the space.

Disconnect Zoom

If for whatever reason you ever want to stop using Zoom, disconnect the app by going to your profile. Rock will no longer be allowed to use your Zoom account.

Rock will not be automatically uninstalled in the Zoom App Marketplace. You may completely remove it by visiting your Installed Apps list to uninstall Rock.