Simplified task management: Organize any project with the Tasks mini-app

Rock brings messaging and tasks together. Each space has its own Tasks mini-app to manage different types of projects or just to keep track of follow-ups from 1:1s.

From product development to marketing campaigns and recruiting with task management in Rock you can keep any project moving.

Getting started

Import existing tasks

Seamlessly continue work on any project by importing tasks from other collaboration tools.

Import your existing tasks from Trello, Asana, Jira or Clickup.

Create a task

Create a task for anything that is actionable. With a task board in the same space as your messages, notes, and files you don’t need to switch between different apps to keep things moving.

You can create an unlimited number of tasks on Rock. All for free.

Mention any task

If you want to discuss a task in a space, all you need to do is type @task: to mention and link that task.

Hover over a mentioned task or click the link to get a quick look at all the task details.

Take your tasks anywhere

Stay on top of your tasks even when you’re away from your computer. Bring your tasks with you and quickly create, browse, or comment on any task—wherever you are.

Task Views



Assign tasks to different people and keep track of the status of everyone that is involved with the task.

You can also add followers for people who want to get notified but are not actively working on a task.


Create unlimited labels and add them to tasks to filter, sort and organize different activities within a project.

From front-end bug to customer success you can add custom labels to keep everything organized.


Keep discussions at the task level with a comment section under every task.

Share files, communicate with threads, @mention anything and leave reactions to keep the conversation going.


Attach files by uploading them from your computer or link files from Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Figma, and other cloud storage providers.

You can also attach files to the comments under the task.

Work better with Rock

My Tasks

Want to see all your tasks from across all your spaces? My Tasks gives you a high-level overview of all your tasks.

Sort your tasks by the due date, space, label, or priority level so you can decide what to do next.

Set Aside

Can’t work on something right away? Save tasks to follow up on later with the “Set Aside” function.

Add tasks from different spaces to keep urgent matters at hand. Set Aside can also be used as a daily to-do list.

Do more with PRO


Use sprints to group tasks into time based cycles. This can be useful if you work on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule.

Filter by Sprint so you can quickly get an overview of all tasks that are being worked on in the current sprint.

Custom Fields

Use custom fields to add customized task fields to suit your workflow.

Add a short text, a number or dropdown fields to your tasks. You can also clean up task fields by rearranging or removing optional fields your team does not use.

Recurring tasks

Manage daily check-ins, weekly reports, or any other repeating activity with recurring tasks.

After completing or moving a task across on of the lists, the task automatically gets recreated for the next time.

Automate tasks

Automate the creation of new tasks with Zapier, Github, and Rollbar integrations.

You can also use our public API to further customize and integrate with Rock.



Our team was able to quickly get started with tasks in Rock.

It’s so simple and straightforward to use that I don’t think we’ll be going back to just messaging anytime soon.

Elizabeth O.
Project Manager

Tasks + clients + so much more! Rock has made working with clients so much easier.

My clients are happy with it and the team is finally able to have one space for managing communications throughout a project.

Anne M.
Founder and CEO

I imported all my tasks from somewhere else within a few seconds and was able to get started almost immediately.

The My Tasks panel has also made it so much easier to keep up with work across projects.

Juan A.

Frequently Asked Questions

A task is the description an activity that has to be completed within a larger project. Tasks are typically assigned to one or more people who are reponsible for completing the work.

Tasks can be organized with different views depending on the scope and organization of the project, a list or kanban board being some of the most popular options.

Task management is the set of activities that focuses on the creation, day-to-day updating and completion of tasks. The task workflow can be more detailed or time sensitive depending on the project a team is working on.

Tasks allow teams to work in a more organized way. Teams can keep better track on the status of an activity thanks to strong documentation. Task manamgement also minimizes the need for constant meetings or messages for work updates as activity is recorded on an individual task-level.

Anyone can open unlimited spaces with unlimited tasks. The main functionality and different views are available to everyone.

There are some more advanced task fields such as sprints and custom fields that are part of the PRO and TEAMS plans.

You can collaborate on tasks with anyone in- and outside of your organization. This makes Rock a great place to combine communication and task management for activities that require the involvement of multiple parties.

Tasks are better documented and more organized compared to more synchronous ways of communicating such as messages or meetings. This way everyone can be less dependent on immediate responses and focus on getting work done and staying productive instead.

Tasks can be used for a wide variety of projects. Teams use them for basically any project that can be separated into sub-activities. Thousands of people globally are using tasks to get work done in marketing, engineering, education, product development, recruiting and so much more!

Rock provides simple, all-in-one functionality. In addition to task functionality in every space, there is also built-in mini-apps for Chat, Topics, Notes, Files and Meetings at no additional cost. This way you can keep all communications and project management in one place.

We recommend teams to use tasks to organize their work but it is not required. There might be use cases where you want to create a space with a focus on the Chat or Files mini-apps. It is up to you and your team whether you want to use the Tasks mini-app in every space.

You can import tasks from Jira, Asana and ClickUp to your different Rock spaces. This way you can keep all your current and past activities without losing project documentation.