One space for all your clients & projects

Running your projects is a breeze with tasks plus messaging in Rock

Available on Web, iOS, Desktop and Android. Free forever.

Why Rock


Rock works across organizations, so you can easily create a space with both internal and external team members.

More organized

Bring every file, task and conversation together in one space so nothing falls through the cracks.


Rock integrates with Figma, Notion, Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Zapier, and lots more.


Rock combines messaging, video/audio calls, tasks, notes and files. Organize, discuss and get things done together.

Create a space for different projects, teams or 1:1s with your team.

Create a task for everything that needs to get done.

Quickly capture important info, meeting notes or follow ups and share with everyone.

Link a Google Drive folder to a space so every space member always has access to important files.

Instantly start a video call or share your screen with everybody in the space.

Use cases

Marketing campaigns

Create a campaign space and keep all your marketing briefs, assets, tasks and conversations together.

Work in one space with your creative agency, freelancers and everyone else on your team.

Website development

Run the entire website development process through Rock. Share and discuss anything from wireframes to staged website and bring the entire team along with the process.


Create one space to track all your growth activities and experiments. Add your performance agency, growth specialists and your internal growth team to the same space.

Event planning

Run successful events from venue to keynote. Get your event agencies, coordinators, marketing managers and speakers all on the same page.

Other usecases