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business on Rock

Simplify how you run your business and bring
all your work and employees onto Rock.

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Available on Web, Desktop, iOS and Android. Free forever.

Why Rock

Just one thing

 Stop using Messenger, iMessage or WhatsApp to communicate with your team. Get everybody organized on Rock.

Flexible & Easy

Unlike other productivity tools, Rock is intuitive, simple and easy to use. No project manager needed.

Free & Powerful

Rock comes with unlimited messages, spaces, and tasks board. All for free.


Rock combines messaging, tasks, notes and works seamlessly with Google Drive and Zoom.

Create a space for payroll, marketing campaigns, customer support and more.

Create a task for everything that needs to get done.

Quickly capture important info, meeting notes, and share with everyone.

Link a Google Drive folder to a space so everyone always has access to important files.

Instantly start a Zoom call or share your screen with everybody in the space.

Use cases

E-commerce & website

Create a space for your website and keep track of website updates, customer support issues, or upcoming blog posts.

Employees & Payroll

Use Rock to keep track of hiring progress, payroll, and HR. Create a task for each employee with their resume and paperwork or create a task to remind you to process payroll.

Marketing & Promotions

Manage all your marketing and promotions in a space on Rock. Create a task for new social posts, the upcoming summer campaign, or keep track of how your advertising is working.


Create spaces for anything from HR to logistics and payments. Make sure nothing falls through the cracks with tasks, labels, due dates, and assignees.


Use Rock as a super simple CRM and keep track of leads, prospects and clients. Rename different lists to match how you do sales process and get more business in no time.

Other usecases