Anyone can now quickly open a group space with you using your link which can easily be shared on social media, your website, email, or any other external page.
5 mins read
Set Aside is a unique Rock feature that we added to allow users to seamlessly access important information stored in tasks, notes, topics, messages, and files.
3 mins read
Spaces are what makes Rock...Rock! So here's a product guide that explains all you need to know about setting up communications with new 1:1 or group spaces.
5 mins read
This guide will help you choose how you want to be notified about activities in Rock through email alerts, system notifications, or both.
9 mins read
A 1:1 space is Rock's equivalent of a Direct Message, which means this space is only for you and the person you invited. Learn more about Rock's 1:1 Spaces in the guide.
4 mins read