Meetings when you
really, really need them.

Rock makes it easier to switch to a more asynchronous way of communicating but also allows you to connect face-to-face when needed.

With video, audio, and screen-sharing in Rock you can set up a Zoom meeting with everybody in the space, connect over Google Meet, or quickly set up a free Jitsi meeting right in your browser.

How it works

Works with Zoom

Start a Zoom meeting in Rock and make it easy for everyone to jump on a quick video call to discuss important things in more detail. Read more.

Refer to relevant tasks, capture meeting notes and follow up on action items all from the same space.

Connect with Google Meet

 Start an audio or video call through Google Meets to discuss anything with your team. Available in every space so your team can easily jump on a meeting if needed.

Use Jitsi for free

Initiate a quick video or audio call or screen-share with Jitsi, a free video-conferencing service that works right in your browser.